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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Winding down

We have a crawler on our hands. Little C could stand the 'relaxed atmosphere' no longer and decided that she better start moving. Firstly to keep up with big brother, and secondly to keep mama on her toes. If she's not in the bathroom eating toilet paper, she can be found rifling through daddy's magazines, trying on shoes in the cupboard, opening drawers in the kitchen, or trying to negotiate behind the T.V. to grab kitties tails.

"but mummy, I wasn't going to eat much toilet paper, I swear!"

C enjoying the repetitive game of putting the ball into the can, taking it out and so on...

As soon as anything soft and cuddly gets close she's sucking her thumb and ready for bed.

We have had a long week due to Big B's work inventory. B was home after work every day for an hour or so and off he went again until after 10 to count count count! I am sure he's seen enough of that place. Thank goodness for small vacations though because we have a camping trip planned next week and we should hopefully be enjoying ourselves with NO thoughts of work for at least 5 days. Then I am back to work, and the kids are bundled off to daycare. I am not so much looking forward to returning to work as I am looking forward to and very grateful that Little B and C get to socialize and play and even learn.
Staying home with mama tends to get a bit bleak after awhile.

We had a great belated birthday dinner at my brothers last night. His wife and him just got back from Italy last week. They had an awesome time - no doubt, and seeing all the photos made me wish I was still there. With my whole family this time! We were lucky enough to see a mother deer and her baby venture into the neighbours yard while we were on the deck. The wasps joined in the wildlife adventure and devoured the beef. Little B fell down and whacked his head on the patio, ending his fun rather quickly. The evening came to a close at dusk and packed safely into their carseats, my 2 bundles of giggles were fast asleep in minutes (giving me a rather relaxing drive home!)

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