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Sunday, May 17, 2009

May, you're finally really here!

May is the beginning of the Summer. Our sleepy town awakens with the hustle and bustle of tourists. Fruit trees blossom, boats come out of hibernation, backpackers thumb into town in search of work. Days grow longer, brighter. Sunscreen noses and dirty toes. Flip flops. It's a strange balance between loving the solitude and peacefulness of our whistle-stop town as it is for so many months out of the year, when all we see are the residents, and handfuls of snowbirds escaping the Saskatchewan snow - and celebrating the coming of sweltering summer days, the onslaught of tourists, white caps, bikinis, and coconut scented air.

Looking past the big city folks and their enormous attitudes, their even larger boats, and fat wallets, I see how special our town is in these few Summer months. To me its like a big growly bear waking up from a long winter slumber. Shaking off all the dust and ambling out into the Spring sun...rubbing his eyes and getting a good look around at the new growth, melting snow, Spring flowers. That's us in this hamlet of O-Town. The long drawn out winter is beyond shadow of a doubt GONE! We're slowly waking up to the palpability of Summer.

(photo deleted due to Nana's apparent shyness at being broadcast over the internet...
Awaiting Nana approved photo, will post when received.

Little C enjoying her time while visiting Nana and Papa camping.

Saying goodbye and saying hello all in 48 hours. Thats my husband for ya.

and then finding 2 good old friends at the car show.