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Monday, April 20, 2009

Beautiful Boy on Bike

Need I say anymore?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Shenanigans

That wily Easter Bunny! He didn't just stop at hiding a CHOCOLATE race car in the shower this morning. He also hid over 1,000 chocolate eggs at the Elementary School, and finished off by leaving a trail of treat filled eggs at Nana and Papas house.

Bryce has been in his glory all day eating chocolate and treats. I've also been in all my glory trying to eat HIS chocolate treats faster than him so he'll have less of a sugar buzz than anticipated. Oh! What we do for our kids eh?!

The day started out with a local Easter Egg Hunt and it was pretty much mayhem. I had planned on having Little C collect eggs with the rest of the kids, but after seeing the mass of bodies, I rethought that decision. She spent the entire time attached to Daddy's leg! Little B and I took part in the Egg Free-for-all stampede. It was great fun.

We headed over to Nana's house for another Egg hunt. It was a total success for Little B.

Little C decided throwing the ball and laughing her new "Evil Laugh" was much more fun than collecting bright colored objects hidden in the bushes.

Little B and mummy wanted to take part in the Easter Parade with our local Pre-School that we attend weekly. I had a tough time finding them so we snuck in with the Kiwanis Group and rode in the parade with them. Little B was uncharacteristically shy and tried getting off his bike a few times. I persuaded him to smile, wave, and keep his eye out for anyone he knew and in hte end he had a terrific time.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

1st Spring Cruise of 2009

What a glorious weekend we're having. FINALLY, the weather is acting like it should...Warm days, sunny skies, light wind, birds chirping happily, kids heard around the neighborhood hooting, hollering, and generally enjoying themselves.

After a morning spent tidying up the house and back yard, we loaded everyone up in the old '47 Coupe and hit the road with our good friends and their old Hot Rod.

We did the Nighthawk Loop, driving east on Hwy 3 and entering the U.S.A. through their teensy Border Station at Nighthawk WA. We stopped in at Palmer Lake at Big B's friends lakeside lot and enjoyed some time skipping rocks. Little C enjoyed her time playing with neat little brown marbles that were scattered in the grass....
"C !!!!!! Put the deer poop down!!!"

We looped through Loomis WA, and ended up back in Oroville WA by dinner time. We finished of the night with a wonderful BBQ at our friends house.

History is repeating itself as it does every year at this time. The warm weather is seducing Big B and I - deleting our memory banks of the horrific cold, ice, snow, and wind we painfully endured the past few Winter months. I think Winter must pay Spring off each year. How can something so traumatizing be forgotten so quickly with one Robins song and a simple ray of sun?

None the less, we're drunk on Spring Fever and our annual dreamy plans of retreating to the deserts of California for the following winter are being erased and rewritten with dreams of Summertime fun. White sandy beaches, fast boats, BBQ's and bikinis. We'll see where the Spring takes us. Maybe we can muster enough strength to keep the Sun from infiltrating our brains an causing "Winter Amnesia" and maybe, just maybe well concrete our big dream.

Just a recap. Incase you too have been brainwashed into forgetting....Osoyoos in the Winter:
California in the Winter:
Why is the decision do hard?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Water Baby

Better in High the HQ button on the bottom of the screen.