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Monday, November 2, 2009

Who knew?

Big B called me into the living room the other day exclaiming proudly that Little C could count to 11. Nope, I way. She can repeat the numbers perfectly if she's copying what I am saying, but all on her own, without either of us knowing she could...I had to video it for my own eyes and ears. Listen carefully...2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I grew up spoiled. Not like you think...not with 'things' but with love, hugs, loyalty, pride, sincerity, and empowerment.
Throw some good old fashioned British sarcasm and wit and that's what's made me who I am today.

I owe it all to this fine lady.

Virginia Gabriella Ferrari.
September 1, 1945 to October 29, 2005.

Miss you mummy. xoxo

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The nod

Quite simply put, I feel above earth, abundantly blessed, lavishly loved, and firmly nailed down with the knowledge that this is it. This life. These 3 souls that surround me, unrelenting in their love, loyalty, and devotion to me, and I to them. I tend to their needs like a growly grizzly, frequently handing out piss and vinegar instead of sympathy...but it's OK. My little piece of Heaven, right here, right now.

Acceptance is a strange thing. I mistakenly thought long ago that I was nestled in for the long haul. Gave myself permission to believe that this life I was living was really truly the right one for me. There was no cyclone that was going to tear me away -
But was there a small part of me that wondered if "we" would be happier with a little extra?
A little extra money? A little extra square footage? A little extra patience? A little extra 2007 Lincoln Mark LT?

It seized me like an embrace from a long lost friend. The absolute knowledge and understanding that I am complete.
WE are complete. My loud, sometimes frequently unruly, freakishly wonderful, affectionate family.
On the waves of Lake Chelan, the warm summer sun setting my skin on fire, the smell of gasoline mixed with oil and the sputter of the stubborn old Johnson; I opened my eyes for a brief but precise moment and for all intents and purposes saw the words written on the blue sky above.
This is it. This is what I was born for. This is why destiny brought B and I together. The 2 exquisite children we brought into the world, the happiness we feel together as a family, as a module. It all made perfect sense. We are whole. We are perfect. Nothing else; not money, fame, fortune, or material objects could bring us closer to what we have achieved by ourselves.

Proof is in the puddin'...or in this case the photos.

The END.....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Proud mama

Daddy Daycare is in full swing as our daycare is shut down for 5 weeks this summer. Big B and the little ones have been enjoying mornings out on the boat, getting brown, building waterfalls, and meeting all sorts of new friends.

I am very proud of Little B as he decided to go tubing with a family they were chatting with at the beach. Little B is cautious around the water, and has only JUST started going in up to his waist - with his life jacket on. So the fact he agreed to go on a near strangers tube out in the middle of the lake surprised the hell out of me! I wish I had been there to witness it, but Daddy took a photo for proof.

One week down and 4 to will Big B be changed after his stint as Mr. Mom? That I am unsure of, but I do know Little B isn't the only "B" I am terrible proud of. Not only has Big B packed the pic-nic lunch for the beach this past week, he slathered the kids in sunscreen, kept them safe in the water, fed them at least 1 fruit or vegetable, hydrated them, AND got them all back to the house for Little C's nap time. whew!

One thing for sure, this Daddy Daycare is making a real Daddy's girl out of Little C. She's probably having flashbacks to last summer when her mommy mysteriously disappeared for 3 weeks on an European Vacation. See for yourself; her reaction to that news...12 months ago.....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

and down it came

Something we've been meaning to get done for the past few years is cutting down the great big tree in the back yard. We are NOT tree cutters - but this one in particular had been strangled over the years by vines, and was withering away, on the brink of getting blown over in the next wind storm, and had branches falling off periodically throughout the year.
Not such a terrific thing with kids playing in the yard.

So we took the plunge, called the tree cutters, and waited this morning for them to arrive.
Working feverishly on July 1st (bless them), they prepared, scaled, de-branched, chipped, hacked, raked, carried, and cleaned up in less than 3 hours.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tell me the truth...Do you really like boating?

Asked Little B & C this yesterday as we were gassing up the boat. Their responses?
Well, I'll let their expressions tell you....

Decked out in her new pink frilly bathing suit Little C was asking for "jak" (life-jacket) before the boat hit the waves. We are so fortunate to have 2 of the happiest children around when straight jacketed in their flotation devices.
Not a peep, grumble, or negative word from either of them.
I wonder to myself, what if Little C had been the type of baby to scream bloody murder at the site of a life-jacket? What if Little B had a massive fear of the water and refused to set foot in a boat? The answer is obvious...the Stork brought us the right babies!!
Lucky we are...lucky lucky lucky!!

As if Mother Nature herself was craving some sand and sun, the early morning clouds and grey skies parted around our heavenly little valley and the sun shone down on us for the rest of the day.
The beach we frequented for the past 4 summers and fondly refer to as
"our beach" has sadly disappeared with the high has our point that we like to relax at. One of the last places to visit is the infamous White Sands, where there's as many beer, bongs, and bikinis as there is grains of sand. Yesterday however the skirting clouds thankfully kept the tourists at bay for most of the morning and we had most of the white sandy beach and dune to ourselves.
Another family from town that we've beached it with a couple times stopped by and Little B was tickled pink.

Honey sandwiches for the babes and the most marvelous bacon and tomato sannies for mum and dad. Picnicking is always so fun!

Relaxing at Nana and Papas after an exhausting few hours out in the boat.

Backing up 7 days, this is what we were up to last weekend when we were sans the boat and searching for something fun to take up an afternoon. We bought some very
delicious greasy battered hot dogs on sticks. An idea that was good in conception only. After gnawing off some batter and eating very little dog we sat on the beach and enjoyed the day.