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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Time Management and the Lack Thereof.

Every once in awhile, and by that I mean literally every hour of the day I spend with my kids; I let my mind wander to that forgotten place of tranquillity. Where either they were babies and slept most of the day, or they were just a thought in my mind.
Don't get me wrong, I'd never in a million years wish my kids were not's just when you're wiping one kid's butt with one hand, and making a tuna fish sandwich with the other, you start to wonder what the heck WOULD I do if I ever got a little ME time.

I daydream about lounging about on the couch reading a mystery novel. I could nap, watch my DVR'd Oprah episodes. I could plant those little packets of seeds I've been harbouring in my purse for 3 weeks...get my tomatoes, corn, pumpkin and lavender started for the Season. I could just lay in bed and stare at the the peace and quiet. Aaahhhh. Just the thought of it sends chills through me.

So this morning as I dropped Little C off at her very first play-date, and came home to find Little B's friend eagerly waiting outside to play and ride bikes it dawned on me: By God, I might actually have 1 whole hour to myself to do absolutely sweet eff all!
The thought took awhile to process. I had time to run downstairs and put a load of laundry on while it was sinking in. I also had time to wash the dishes, clean the cat litter box, scrub the bathtub and air out all the blankets.
While this small glimmer of quietude penetrated my cerebrum I ran outside to make sure Little B was practising safe road rules while flying down the road on his bike. I was even able to make all the beds, clean the playroom and detach the 9 million pieces of dog fur from my sofa pillows. (yes, I counted them)

By this time I had fully digested the fact I had some ME time to do with what I wanted to do. That was I, as in ME, as in the person who occupies this body. I had absolutely no one needing a drink, or a snack, or a wipe. I had nothing to pick up, wipe up or mop up. No cartoons to find, or missing DVD's of Dora to scour the house for.

As I shook off my "Mom" hat and went to grab my "Me" hat the timer went off. It took me a second to comprehend what was going on. I know I had set the timer to remind me to go pick up Little C from her play-date, but I must have set it wrong.

There's no way it could already be time. NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. I'd do it all over again. I'd enable these 2 miniature people to completely override any and all of who I ever

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

6 months in review


How can it be that I've neglected my Blog for 6 months. Life's been full of ups and downs this past 1/2 year. 2010 Started out evenly enough.
Winter was a drag and seemed to go on forever.

January highlights were few and far in between. The coming of the Olympics 2010 caused a bit of excitement and we all came out in droves to watch the Olympic Flame make it's way through our small town.

February was more memorable. I turned a sour 36 yrs of age, and was unusually pessimistic about growing older. Who knew being on the wrong side of 35 would be so terrifying. Not too sure what exactly I am panic -stricken's not the grey hair or wrinkles; but more the extra 5 pounds I manage to roll into my shrinking jeans every morning.

On a lighter note, I met one of my best friends little daughter for the 1st time, spent an enjoyable weekend away at Apex Mtn Resort with the family, and even crammed in some snowmobiling fun for Little B and I.
My dream to own my very own Hot Rod, that my husband would not be able to sell out from under me, was realized. I searched high and low and tripped over her on craigslist Seattle. We were making a family trip to the area to buy an enclosed car trailer so we dropped by to meet her and strike a deal. I was anxious thru the bartering and stuck close by as Big B bartered back and forth with the old gent. I was about ready to just yell out "DEAL!" when B netted us another few bucks to line our pockets. By the time the deal was done it was dark, rainy and cold. We drove her into the car trailer and headed out to find a Motel to snuggle into for the night.

The next day we stopped to look at a boat Big B was interested in and low and behold he made a deal on that as well. Because it's truly impossible and a little bit illegal to tow 2 things behind your truck, we migrated home quickly so Big B and Little B could get to bed early. 1st thing the next morning, before dawn, B scooped Little B up from bed, tucked him into his car seat, and off they went, backtracking our previous days journey.
Later that day they arrived home exhausted and ready for bed! What a weekend.

Making the most of February sunshine

Little B having a blast in the mini snowmobiles

She's a'loaded

March was hot and cold...literally and figuratively. The sun shone, then abandoned us. We tore our jackets off one day and huddled behind hoodies and scarves the next. Little B started the 1st of many future years of Soccer.

Checking out our Family Reunion Spot for July

Apex Mountain Resort snow fun

April was a total bummer. We bid adieu to Polar my beloved dog. He was 15 years old and full of spunk but something just wasn't right one day when I got home from work. He went to be with Granny April 14th. I know she'll keep a watchful eye over him until it's my time to take is leash again. Miss you Po Po.

RIP Polar. 1996-2010

Easter Parade

May...the beginning of Summer in the Okanagan. May two-four. Heat waves, dust, dry weather, beer, boating, sunburns. All things associated with May in BC. But the abnormal weather persisted and we found ourselves out in the boat maybe two times if that. Rain, cold, and even some snow. No way to start the summer off, especially for us, a family who lives for May, June, July, August, September and all the hot dry days those months bring us.
We got my car on the road and I've been having a blast driving her daily. She just needs a name...anyone? anyone??

One of very few Sunny May days

Things to do when the weather sucks - get your kids to wash the car!

June. June. June...can you hear me...where the blast are you? Why did you hide behind the clouds and rain for dang on 30 days! Again, peculiar weather dampened our spirits and days, and forced us to only dream of riding the waves, building sandcastles, and getting a tan.

June did bring us Tank. Sweet, tiny Tank. I had started toying with the idea of adding another dog to the family days after Polars death. I knew I wanted to be a "dog family" and what would it matter if we waited a year or a month - that special pooch would eventually find its way into our hearts, home, and beds! I researched breeds, made calls, emails, and finally set my sights on a little chihuahua in Penticton. After much deliberation, and finding out you can't adopt a 10 pound dog in B.C. for under $350.00! I decided this dog would do as it was small enough not to bother the cat, and be able to fit in a crate under my # 1 requirement really. I wanted a pooch that could accompany me anywhere.
We made plans to meet up in the morning and as I was headed to bed Big B told me he had gotten a reply form an email we sent out more than a week before - yet another chihuahua looking for a home.
But this one was in Idaho - where the economy obviously isn't as mighty as B.C. This Idahoan Chihuahua was only $75.00, a fair bit cheaper than $500.00, which was what the Penticton family were asking for their dog.
The camper was packed and ready to roll and by 9am the next day we were on our way to meet Tank in Idaho. The folks giving him up assured us that if we were coming from "way up yonder in Canada" they'd be sure to keep him for us until we got there. I'd sure hate to drive for 6 hours then find out someone snuck in and adopted him before us!

I was welcomed at their yard gate by 1 very large German Shepherd, 1 very fluffy and large chow, 1 equally large pit X, and 2 little yappy Pomeranians. Then out came Tank in the arms of his Owner and I knew right then he was coming home with us. A couple pounds underweight and quite frankly trampled by all the goings on, I knew that even if we just came home and found a nice quiet home for him elsewhere, ANYWHERE would be better for him that where he was at this moment.

Don't get me wrong, I think he was loved, cuddled, and enjoyed, but the poor guy didn't even have a leash, he was eating cat food because thats pretty much all that was available, and his ribs were protruding from his body. I snatched him up for a cuddle and dug out the cash from my pocket while Brent was making a beeline for the gate for a quick escape. We buckled into the truck and Tank never looked back! A small stop at Petco for a harness, leash, food, bed and crate, and off we went in search of more adventures.

Tanks adoption photo - Could you resist a face like this?

Tank enjoying time with Little C

Little B graduated Kindergarten in late June and I accompanied him on his farewell to Kindergarten day trip to the Safety Village and Water Park for some fun with his class. We had a blast!

We took part in The Cactus Jalopies Desert Beach Cruise 2010

Enjoying the good days in June

July has made her entrance. Quite bland really. The clouds roll overhead, occasionally being polite enough to let the sun shine through.
Boating seems like a distant memory. I have my fingers crossed that the weather will turn, the sun will kick those clouds out of our sky and we'll enjoy 63 days of pure sunshine...starting tomorrow! You hear that July!?!?

I hope it isn't another 6 months until we meet again. Farewell.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Monday, November 2, 2009

Who knew?

Big B called me into the living room the other day exclaiming proudly that Little C could count to 11. Nope, I way. She can repeat the numbers perfectly if she's copying what I am saying, but all on her own, without either of us knowing she could...I had to video it for my own eyes and ears. Listen carefully...2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11!!!