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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The nod

Quite simply put, I feel above earth, abundantly blessed, lavishly loved, and firmly nailed down with the knowledge that this is it. This life. These 3 souls that surround me, unrelenting in their love, loyalty, and devotion to me, and I to them. I tend to their needs like a growly grizzly, frequently handing out piss and vinegar instead of sympathy...but it's OK. My little piece of Heaven, right here, right now.

Acceptance is a strange thing. I mistakenly thought long ago that I was nestled in for the long haul. Gave myself permission to believe that this life I was living was really truly the right one for me. There was no cyclone that was going to tear me away -
But was there a small part of me that wondered if "we" would be happier with a little extra?
A little extra money? A little extra square footage? A little extra patience? A little extra 2007 Lincoln Mark LT?

It seized me like an embrace from a long lost friend. The absolute knowledge and understanding that I am complete.
WE are complete. My loud, sometimes frequently unruly, freakishly wonderful, affectionate family.
On the waves of Lake Chelan, the warm summer sun setting my skin on fire, the smell of gasoline mixed with oil and the sputter of the stubborn old Johnson; I opened my eyes for a brief but precise moment and for all intents and purposes saw the words written on the blue sky above.
This is it. This is what I was born for. This is why destiny brought B and I together. The 2 exquisite children we brought into the world, the happiness we feel together as a family, as a module. It all made perfect sense. We are whole. We are perfect. Nothing else; not money, fame, fortune, or material objects could bring us closer to what we have achieved by ourselves.

Proof is in the puddin'...or in this case the photos.

The END.....