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Monday, August 4, 2008

How to enjoy yourself........

Delay ALL chores of any kind. Pack family in boat. Go to beach.

I have major writers block. It may have something to do with the countless hours I spent in the sun this weekend doing absolutely nothing. We had the fortune to be blessed with housesitting Nana and Papas Lakehouse for the weekend. Snug as 4 bugs in a rug we settled right in like it was our own home. Patio doors opened up onto the green grass, sand, and crisp water; leading us to our boat every afternoon for a peaceful escape up-lake to our own private beach paradise.

Nana and Papas beach and our boat.

The majority of the West East side of North Osoyoos Lake is owned by the Osoyoos Indian Band and is for the most part undeveloped. There are numerous sandy beaches scattered along the shore, most of which are cramped with muscle bound tourists and their tanned beauties. We prefer a more subdued environment and head to a small point of sand where we can safely play and frolic in the shallow water. Bryce hauls his 3 huge Tonka toys with him in the engine compartment of the boat along with spades and buckets and a variety of beach friendly chewing toys for Cali. And umbrella, a few blankets, towels, a cooler full of cold drinks and we're set for the next few hours. Our simple wish for the summer months is that we are able to getaway to this beach at least once but hopefully twice a week.

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Anonymous said...

actually, on my compass the indian reserve is on the east side of the lake...but i know you know that...i read the part about being in the sun alot!!