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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dear Mother Nature: Please don't let this be the last day of summer boating!

I promise I'll eat all my vegetables and do all my chores if you just let us go boating in the warm September sun one more time. (or maybe 2 times, or 3.) Thanks.

We were spoiled today. The one and only White Sands Beach was abandoned. In the midst of the South Okanagan summer heatwave it's normal to find swarms of oiled up, suntanned, hungover tourists splayed across the soft white sand. Their boat stereos pulsating with the latest dance music. Their coolers overflowing with beer and coolers, the occasional martini and vodka tonic. Cigar smoke hovering over the mob, sweet coconut oil suspended on top of the lake water like gasoline.
But with the end of the summer comes the peace, tranquility, and serenity that I love so much about this time.
Little B and C positively glowed with happiness. Or maybe it was the sunburn?

Either way we all had a relaxing few hours, hopefully not our last, reminiscing about the summer past, thinking quietly about the fall and winter to come, and in general enjoying our blessed family and our wonderful corner of the world.
Oh Summer, how I adore thee. I will not soon forget you. Come back to me Summer, come back.....

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Anonymous said...

i almost need not to speak as you seem to say it all...but right you are as we quietly think about the pending fall and winter that i am trying soooo hard to ignore! daddyO