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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Camping out.

On the living room floor that is. And that's exactly where my darling 3.95 year old parked his sorry, tired, snotty nose last night. Smack dab in the middle of the living room floor is where HE said he preferred to sleep from now on.

It all started many moons ago when little C came home from the hospital. Having only 2 bedrooms in our home, the decision was ultimately made for us that the kids would share a bedroom. Something I never did growing up, but had no qualms about with my kids as I'd like to think it breeds a certain sibling closeness. The first couple weeks it was easy enough. I would nurse little C down in the rocking chair while Little B settled in his bed. Lights out, night light on, they would both be fast asleep in no time. Little C inevitably would wake every 3 hours back then, and I worried the constant baby wakings, and subsequent rocking chair nursing sessions would bother Little B's sleep. After awhile I found it easier to myself sleep in the kids room with the baby and let Little b sleep with his daddy in our room. He's been sleeping in our bed off and on for his whole life, so I wasn't worried about a nasty habit forming. It already had!!

I think Big B was the only one who found this sleeping arrangement bothersome. He'd much rather have me next to him than Little B who kicks ferociously in his sleep and sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night screaming bloody murder. After a month or so Little C was sleeping longer stretches and I decided to secure my side of the bed, leaving Little B's bed warm, open and inviting for him to sleep in. Unfortunately he didn't see it that way. He'd occasionally make a fuss, or wake in the night with a bad dream instantly waking the baby and therefore mummy and daddy, and we'd have a house full of red puffy eyes swollen with fatigue at 3:00am. not a good thing.

Plans where hatched and it was decided that Little B would be happier in our room. We made him a comfy bed of blankets beside our bed and that's where he slept for the next 9 months (minus the 6 weeks he slept IN my bed while traveling abroad in Europe)

Last night I decided to make an executive decision. After numerous night wakings by my little bedside buddy (the little on, not the big one!) I made up my mind that he would start sleeping in his own bed once again. Yesterday I put fresh sheets on his bed, fluffed up his pillow, nestled in his stuffed animals and continues my day completely oblivious to the fact that I was a total dolt to think he's just 'accept and appreciate' the change of plans. haha!!! Silly mummy.

Little B even impressed me when he excitedly told daddy of the big surprise: he was sleeping in HIS own bed tonight! What a big boy!

Cut to last night, bedtime. Little C was snuggled in her crib after a long day. Thumb sucking and clutching Lamby. Probably dreaming of ice cream and hot wheels. (yes she likes BOTH of those) We kissed our boy goodnight and explained to him that he must remain quiet when in the bedroom so as not to wake Littel C. He agreed whole heartedly and was quite eager to get to bed. I tucked him in and snuck out. Little C woke briefly and I could hear her stir but soon she was quiet.

I came downstairs to join Big B at the computer and marvel at our 2 little angels fast asleep in the same room. 1/2 an hour later we both thought we heard a child's cough, but decided it had come from their room, not as close as it seemed. An hour or so later we decided to turn in ourselves, and upon opening the door to their room to do my final check before bed I noticed the bed was empty.
That little bugger I thought; he's probably crawled into our bed and is fast asleep drooling on my pillow.. i checked my bed. Nothing. The floor. nothing. I went back downstairs and immediately heard the snores coming from the darkness of the living room. We turned the light on and had a chuckle as Little B was sprawled out on the couch, face squashed into the arm, snoring away. Big B gathered him up in his arms and took him back to his bed where he lasted around 15 seconds before bursting into tears and complaining of bad dreams and monsters. Where does he get this from? Surely not our Little House on the Prairie DVD set s that he watches?

Then Little C awoke. It was bound to happen. As good of a sleeper she is (sleeping most nights from7pm to 7am without a peep) she does wake up to noise and confusion. Both of which were readily available in her usually serene bedroom. I am sure she was thinking to herself, "Why did mommy even bother trying to sleep train my big brother. Let the poor guy sleep on her floor for the next 3 years. I NEED my beauty rest!" The same thoughts were in my mind as well, trust me. Little B was brought into our room while C got back to sleep; the plan was to wait a few minutes until she was sawing logs and have him go back to his bed. But he was adamant that was not going to work for him.

I asked him to give me a solution, thinking that at 10:00pm, a 3.95 year old sleepy head could not come up with any better solution than to get some rest IN HIS own bed!. The fact of the matter was he wasn't welcome to sleep on our floor any longer, and apart from sleeping alone in the dark living room, there wasn't really any other answer.

But in his self assured dare I say 'cocky' 3.95 year old way, he announced he WAS going to sleep on the living room floor. He was sure that the 'monsters' would not bother him there. He assured us he would sleep the whole night there and only get up in the morning. What could I say? It wasn't the worse idea. We couldn't torture our baby anymore by subjecting her to the howls of an unhappy brother late at night.
With Doggie tucked snuggly under his arm, his puffy tired eyes rolled up towards the heavens as he informed us "of course" he would wait until morning to get up. Off he went with Daddy in tow to set up a bed of blankets on the floor. Blinds shut, no night light to be seen, he promptly shut his eyes and fell fast asleep. Snuggled in our own bed alone for the 1st time in months Big B and I (get your mind out of the gutter!) took bets on when he would be coming upstairs complaining of the dark.

It wasn't until the sun was up that I heard his little footsteps coming our way. I told him how proud I was he slept downstairs the whole night. I even wanted to know what the difference was. Why would the monsters visit him when he was tucked in his own bed, with his little sister 4 feet away; mummy and daddy 10 feet away? Why there and not way down in the living room where he was sure to notice he was ALL by his lonesome? But he just shrugged his shoulders and kept eating his cheerios.

Cancel the plans to add on an additional bedroom. Little B has taken over the living room. (for now anyways. But where will mummy and daddy watch our movies when the kids go to sleep???)

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