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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Radical Stimulus Needed.

Motivation. If I could find just a little, a smidgen, a teensy bit to inject in my veins today.
Motivation. I am utterly without. If motivation came in dirt form, sprinkled on the sidewalk outside my door I’d even be tempted to go as far as to kneel on the cold hard ground and dab it up with my tongue.
Motivation. Maybe I really don’t want it. Maybe it’s society’s mantra ringing in my ears, “Get motivated, get things done, work work work!!” Either society’s or my boss’s!

Earplugs may do the trick and help soften the vibration of the nasty sound waves traveling to wards my ears. Earplugs and my warm soft bed.
I’d love to have one of those days, enveloped in my sheets and comforter, practically sucking on my thumb in jubilation that I could spend a whole day under the covers completely
UNmotivated and loving every second of it. Cats curled up keeping my butt warm. Dog at my feet, Mystery Novel weaving a pictorial in my brain.
When I am 65, retired, kids grown and off to college or the race track, or across the ocean playing vagabond; that’s when I’ll let the sleep bug crawl back up my a#@.
Until then I have to get bloody motivated.
Any ideas?

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