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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Californian Dreamin' Part II...slow coming...

Big B and I found out the other day, that an acquaintances wife passed away at the age of 57. She was in good health one moment, and sick the next. A few months later and she's gone. Not to be back. Bye bye. NOT gonna see you later. Don't set a place at the dinner table....GONE.

This is a huge fear of my own. What if I die young, and leave my babies without a mother. Who would they run to when they fell and scraped their knees? Who'd wipe their tears away? Who'd tuck them every night and rub their back until they fell asleep?

This really has nothing to do with Part II of my Californian vacation story other than I truly believe every day should be lived to it's absolute fullest, I guess my paranoia of death may be one of many catalysts that send me on these adventures in the first place.
Live, laugh, love...OFTEN! Cuz you could be dead tomorrow. (this was also my mothers mantra)

On that bright note, let's get back to Governor Schwarzenegger's land o' plenty. After barging through highway blockades and sailing over Sisque Pass, we stayed the night in Redding Ca. While on the road and living as frugally as possible 99% of the time we stay at Motel 6's. I refer to them as
Super 6's. This aggravated Big B to no end, but I can't honestly remember what the frick they're called, and combining Motel 6 and Super 8 just seems logical in my pea brain. Especially after 18 hours of H. E. double L trapped in the truck with 2 lunatic children, a gassy dog, and Mario Andretti.
The Motel 6's ALL look the same once you are nestled inside. Drab white walls, plain furniture, old televisions, NO alarm clocks, beds that sag, pillows that would be fit for a mouse, and comforters with cheery summer scenes.
Bright and early on our 2nd day of travel we hit up I.H.O.P. for some delicious pancakes, eggs sausages and hash browns. I fell in love with their new breakfast special Coffee Cake Pancakes; so much, so we ate at ALOT more I.H.O.P.S before coming home. Brent grabbed a mocha at the drive through coffee hut and we hit the road.
We had planned on getting to Redding the day prior at lunchtime so Big B could indulge in his all time fave California Burger at In n' Out, but snow, ice, shitty drivers, and road blocks got us there well past bed time. I snapped a picture in remembrance and off we went. (pisc to come later)
The next day was a blur as we whipped through Northern and Central California arriving at our destination at about 5pm. Little B was fast asleep and I woke him up as Big B was checking into our hotel to show him we had finally arrived at Pismo Beach.
to be continued..............

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