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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tell me the truth...Do you really like boating?

Asked Little B & C this yesterday as we were gassing up the boat. Their responses?
Well, I'll let their expressions tell you....

Decked out in her new pink frilly bathing suit Little C was asking for "jak" (life-jacket) before the boat hit the waves. We are so fortunate to have 2 of the happiest children around when straight jacketed in their flotation devices.
Not a peep, grumble, or negative word from either of them.
I wonder to myself, what if Little C had been the type of baby to scream bloody murder at the site of a life-jacket? What if Little B had a massive fear of the water and refused to set foot in a boat? The answer is obvious...the Stork brought us the right babies!!
Lucky we are...lucky lucky lucky!!

As if Mother Nature herself was craving some sand and sun, the early morning clouds and grey skies parted around our heavenly little valley and the sun shone down on us for the rest of the day.
The beach we frequented for the past 4 summers and fondly refer to as
"our beach" has sadly disappeared with the high has our point that we like to relax at. One of the last places to visit is the infamous White Sands, where there's as many beer, bongs, and bikinis as there is grains of sand. Yesterday however the skirting clouds thankfully kept the tourists at bay for most of the morning and we had most of the white sandy beach and dune to ourselves.
Another family from town that we've beached it with a couple times stopped by and Little B was tickled pink.

Honey sandwiches for the babes and the most marvelous bacon and tomato sannies for mum and dad. Picnicking is always so fun!

Relaxing at Nana and Papas after an exhausting few hours out in the boat.

Backing up 7 days, this is what we were up to last weekend when we were sans the boat and searching for something fun to take up an afternoon. We bought some very
delicious greasy battered hot dogs on sticks. An idea that was good in conception only. After gnawing off some batter and eating very little dog we sat on the beach and enjoyed the day.

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