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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I grew up spoiled. Not like you think...not with 'things' but with love, hugs, loyalty, pride, sincerity, and empowerment.
Throw some good old fashioned British sarcasm and wit and that's what's made me who I am today.

I owe it all to this fine lady.

Virginia Gabriella Ferrari.
September 1, 1945 to October 29, 2005.

Miss you mummy. xoxo


Anonymous said...

bachidabShe heard you, and your Mum knows she is always in your heart and your memories.
I am sure she was very proud of you and the qualities she inspired in you.
She was lucky to have you for a daughter Melody. We feel blessed to have you for our "daughter".
M and B

zoe said...

You are indeed all the things you say she made you .... love you and miss you ... both xoxo

K Sweeney said...


I am writing because I was looking up your mother's name because I just came across her obituary in some family papers. I am sorry for your loss. I am related to you through your dad, Luigi Ferrari. His father Angelo and my grandfather were brothers.

Not sure how to get in touch to say hello so I will check the blog after this post to see if you got my message and then we can maybe chat.

Stephanie Ferrari

mbo said...

Hi Stephanie. Wow, thats great that you found my Blog. You can email me at and then I'll have your email address too to chat. Great to find long lost family!!