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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Faster than fast....

Lightning McQueen was racing around the Provincial Park today. "Can you see the leaves flying" he would scream to me as he peddled through the fallen colors. "Yes honey, I can see the leaves flying!" He needs to know this. It defines him as a racer. Even with the training wheels....he's a racer, there's no denying it. As soon as he gets the hang of using the brakes, I'll be OK with this fact. Until then though, we'll be racing right along with him stopping him from tumbling head first into the cold lake!

What a gorgeous Saturday. The Park gate is now closed so people, dogs, and kids alike can walk the few kilometers it offers without any fear of car or truck.
This m
akes it perfect for little boys learning to ride bikes.

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ella said...

go go go lightning McQueen. that's awesome. also loving the last shot there of the lake. there's a gift for the racer boy at my mom's. give her a call if she hasn't called you yet.