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Sunday, October 5, 2008

A 4 year olds birthday party is NOT for the faint of heart.

Or for anyone who suffers migraines! I thankfully am used to chaos followed by chaos, and although I occasionally suffer from infrared eye-searing nail gun blows to the cranium type migraines, I was prepared today for allot of freaking noise. (And they delivered!)

You wouldn't think that 7 children all under the age of 4 1/2 could muster up enough energy to boil a cup of water, but if I had been born a entrepreneur, I'd be a millionaire. Surely someone has come up with an invention that collects the vim, vigor and combustible energy of a children's birthday party, transforming it into usable energy for the household? (note to self; get some books on inventing stuff from library)

The walls were literally vibrating, the screams heard around the block. Bags and parcels of neatly wrapped, lovingly swaddled toys exploded like a scene out of a movie. Cards went flying into the debris. What 4 year old reads a birthday card anyways?!?!? This left me especially distraught as I didn't know what card went with what gift, consequently leaving me befuddled as to WHO gave my boy WHAT!? As I darted here and there trying desperately to match card with gift I decided a better approach would be to ask the parents "What did you bring?" Tacky maybe. Necessary, definitely!

The turmoil was not lost on Little B's 94 year old great grandfather as he whispered in my ear "You better make sure there's no money in those envelopes." Yes pa, I slowly analyzed every last piece of torn up envelope and wrapping paper after the party (in the rain) and made triple sure there was no special gift, card or money being hucked into the landfill. Seriously. I did.

As the 11th hour approached (and I mean literally it was 10:45am) I realized that Little B's Auntie C had not yet arrived. Amid the party pandemonium I had completely forgot that Auntie C wasn't there yet. She had promised to bake and decorate a very special cake for Little B. 2 phone calls to her home and cell turned up nothing. Big B was planning on getting in the car and shooting off to Super Value when we got the news that she had been up since the crack of dawn making this cake. When it arrived I totally understood. It was magnificent to say the least. It had the kids spellbound. And it was delicious to boot!
Yay Auntie C, you are a wonderful cake maker!!

See for yourself:

And a close up:


Cake out of the way, floor peppered with chocolate crumbs, little fingers and lips stained with icing, we ushered everyone outside to play with some airplanes. Trying to get 6 children to line up peacefully for a photo op is not an easy task.

Take one:

Take two:

Take three:

Take four:

Take five:

Oh forget it! At least they were able to burn off the sugar by running around in the backyard for awhile.

One by one people started packing up and going home leaving us with a living room full of paper, gifts, and cards and a very very happy little boy who is adamant that he turned 4 exactly when the candles where blown out on the cake. Who am I to burst his birthday bubble and remind him his actual birthday isn't until Wednesday!

Lets not forget Littel C, who in the midst of screeching children, cake being crammed in her face, throngs of unknown faces, was put in her crib and fell fast asleep for 3 hours!

Whew, too bad I couldn't have done the same!

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Anonymous said...

Auntie C did a stupendous job, Mommy and Daddy are heroes, and Auntie L isn't sure whether she's sad she missed it or not!!!!