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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The beginning

I was worried sending out daily emails burdened down with 5-15 photos of my little ones faces and activities might start getting little to no response, or end up in my addressee's junk folders.
Instead I've taken on the daunting task up updating a daily Blog. So it all starts here.

Summer is upon us with force. The absolute sign is that the A/C was just turned on 1 hour ago. Not able to withstand 29 degrees inside the house it was time to blast the cold air.
Little C is hot and sweaty, poor baby. We went from winter to summer in 24 hours so there was no time for her to adapt. Little B is blissfully running around in his undies and on the lucky occasion his birthday suit; jumping through sprinklers, chasing frogs, digging holes, and all other things boys get up to when they're left to their own devices. He admittedly made 1 worm magically turn into 2 worms yesterday......yuck!

After living in the South Okanagan for 26+years you would think I would have become acclimatized to the heat, but it still gets to me. Thankfully I am not pregnant like last year! I swear I won't complain (too much) about the weather.

Of course Little B and Big B seem to be in their glory in the heat. Big B mowing the lawn while his ever energetic side-kick follows his every move.

Finding creative ways to spend the days will be easy now the warm weather is upon us. Little B will be found outside as early as 7am.
Mr. Social himself has made it a hobby of 'his' to chit chat as much as possible with the neighbors. He even knows the names of our neighbors parents?!?! We haven't had any complaints yet but I imagine conversations with 3 year olds can get repetitive. Pretty soon our neighbors will be gardening with headphones on!!


Ella said...

let me be the first to welcome you to blogland!!it's a good idea. email is so old school. ha.
looking forward to Okanagan adventures and views.

zoe said...

NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!!

So now not only do I have to check my gmail and my facebook and my myspace and my homail ... you bloggers really mess me up I tell ya.... I like everything to be in one place !!!
I never know what's going on with Ella anymore because I rarely get time to check her blog and now you too !!!! So I guess it's just me and Tash now !
It's lovely by the way but.... POOH !!!

ella said...

hey zoe, if you give up facebook and hotmail and myspace and start up a blog then you'll only have 1 stop in the AM instead of all those other time wasters.